WebApps support

Our WebApps are really easy to use, treat them the same as any native App downloaded from one of the stores. The main differences are, they are membership based charged daily/weekly (rather than a one-off pay-per-download cost) and you access them via your Mobile, Tablet or PC browser.

Enter one of the following URLs into the browser of your mobile phone to start enjoying your App!

WWE Mobile:
Pocoyo House [Vodacom Only]:
Gameasy [Vodacom Only]:
35050 Gold:
Bandai Namco Entertainment:
Bunny Kulcha:
When you joined the WebApp, you were most likely using your mobile data connection (GPRS/3G etc). Check in the notifications bar on your mobile device if you are now using WIFI and just switch that off and try again. If you would prefer to use WIFI (let’s face it it’s faster and mostly free), click on the URL for the specific WebApp below, navigate to the login section and request a PIN/Password. Enter that along with your Mobile Number to login and enjoy!
If this happens don't worry, you can download it again by going to the Help/Account section on any of the WebApps.
There are two ways to join our WebApps:

  1. By clicking on a banner advertisement while browsing the internet on your mobile phone and following the instructions on the web page that follows; or

  2. By clicking any of the WebApp URLs below while on your mobile phone. Then select the content you would like to access or download and a prompt to join the app will appear!

    Pocoyo House [Vodacom Only]:
    Gameasy [Vodacom Only]:

Click here to manage your account or email us at with your request.
Alternatively, you can also contact our Customer Care line on 0214152100 then follow the prompts on the interactive voice-recorded menu.